DNS Settings for Addon Domains: CNAME or A NAME Records?



I have a ‘main’ domain setup with A name record on cloudlfare and it works fine. Now I also want to setup a few addon domains with cloudflare but I’m getting confused with various differing opinions related to DNS settings on how to do that.

While located within the ‘main’ domain’s directory, each addon domain is its own website, as in they are not considered subdomains of the ‘main’ site. For example, my main site is example.net, and the addon domains are ejemplo.com, etc.

My ‘main’ domain is registered and its contents stored with the same hosting company that stores the databases for my addon domains. However my addon domains are registered with another registrar, and the DNS nameservers for these are currently pointed to the nameservers of the company hosting all the databases. All domains are propagating correctly and work fine. But I only have the ‘main’ domain propagating with cloudflare as I do not know how to setup the nameservers, including MX records, for the addon domains correctly.

I am attempting to use the cloudflare integration tool on the cpanel (7.2) interface, however I do not know or have the experience of the workflow or ‘best’ practices for setting up addon domains as either CNAME or A name, or what exactly I have to do to with MX records once loaded onto cloudflare, to ensure the sites continue propagating correctly, the websites continue loading as they should, I continue receiving emails, etc.

Any help is greatly appreciated, including links to previous threads, tutorials, or instructions. Thank you.


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