DNS Settings for a Cloudflare Domain I want to redirect to an external URL I own

I purchased a domain through Cloudflare. I want it to redirect or forward to a URL I own outside of Cloudflare (Wix). I think I’ve got the page rule correct, but I have no idea what DNS records to create for the Cloudflare domain. Please help. Thank you!

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I’m partial to creating one :orange: proxied AAAA record using the discard prefix IP of 100:: for the name that you are matching. That will direct visitors to the Cloudflare proxy where your rule can handle the rest.

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Thank you so much, @epic.network

I did as you said. I’m not super tech-savvy, so perhaps I missed something that’d be obvious to you. I attached screenshots of (1) DNS records for the Cloudflare domain; (2) the rule for the redirect from the Cloudflare domain to my external webpage; and (3) the error I receive with the current setup.

Do you see any additions/changes I need to make?

#2 and #3 follow…

The DNS record in screenshot number one looks good.

Why does the match pattern in your page rule end with a +? That’s not going to work.

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I read that somewhere as recommended, but I’ve seen it elsewhere differently. I will change to:
www . theglampingstore . co/* (spaces added b/c I could not include a link). With that change I am still receiving the same error as shown in screenshot #3 above. Any other suggestions?

Do not add www. as it will break your match. You don’t have a www hostname published, anyway, so no requests to that name should leave the browser.

That did it! I’m now able to go from theglampingstore TO mittengetaways. com/theglampingstore…

A follow-up question: Do you know if it’s possible to use a wildcard in the rule to go from theglampingstore . co/EXAMPLE TO mittengetaways . com/theglampingstore/EXAMPLE ?

You mean like this?

Yes, that worked perfectly. Thanks again!

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