DNS settings do not work

My provider is telling me, that the Cloudflare DNS still are pointing to the original server IP. I have configured the DNS as needed regarding the instructions of my providers. They can’t identify the problem in detail. How should I proceed?

And why should it not point there? Whats the domain?

It’s tangany.com.

The provider says that subdomains should not point there - like abc.tangany.com. Therefore we should not use wildcards for the DNS, which has been removed in Cloudflare by me. But the provider states that the wildcards are still pointing in the wrong direction.

Unfortunately, I am not quite sure what’s the actual issue. The provider just denies to change the DNS records on their site because of this “issue”.

Your domain does not point to Cloudflare in the first place.

I now did add two more entries on Cloudflare, which had been removed by my provider’s request.

My provider won’t change his DNS records as long as they see any issues.

I am not sure what you mean but your domain does not point to Cloudflare, so that is not involved at all here.

Yeah, and the domains won’t point to Cloudflare as long as my provider refuses to point them here. They said, I should clarify the issue with Cloudflare. But ok, let’s bounce back to them. Thanks anyway. :slight_smile:

What issue should you clarify with Cloudflare? Your provider does not need to point anything anywhere, you need to change the nameservers at your registrar.

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