DNS settings Cloudflare domain w Dreamhost hosting


I can’t get my Cloudflare-hosted domain linked with my Dreamhost hosting.

Dreamhost dashboard says:

You are currently using external nameservers for this domain. To manage its DNS records here, you must use DreamHost nameservers.

I know I can’t change those on the free plan of Cloudflare, but with the right DNS settings I should get it to work anyway, no? If so, what are those?

I see that domain is using Cloudflare name servers, but it is not a proxied connection. Those requests are going directly to a server at DreamHost. Are they saying your DNS does not have the correct IP address for your server? You should have a DNS records page at DreamHost to compare with your DNS records here.

If that doesn’t get things working, you’ll have to check back with DreamHost Support to see if you have the correct IP address. And if you do, then ask them why your site isn’t working when you connect directly to their server.

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Contacted DreamHost support and they fixed it so it was something on their end, thx.

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