DNS settings clashing with Digital Ocean App Platform

I recently signed up for Digital Ocean App Platform and setup my domain mapledeals.com to use their DNS.

For various reasons I decided to move the domain to a different host and was planning to use Cloudflare as the DNS provider. My DNS settings are setup, in Cloudflare, to point to this new provider, but for some reason the DNS is resolving to Digital Ocean’s servers.

The domain has been fully removed from Digital Ocean.

Your domain is resolving to Cloudflare IP address just fine:

Also resolving to Cloudflare nameservers:

Probably your ISP DNS resolver is slow in updating the data, or you have DNS cache in your system.

What do you see when you visit in a browser?

I get this:

When it should be this:

I tried flushing my DNS cache and switch DNS to use Google/Cloudflare to no avail.

I should also add that inbetween moving from DO DNS to Cloudflare, I configured AWS Route53 and that was resolving correctly, sadly no CNAME flattening on Route53 which I why I signed up for Cloudflare.

Is your app already configured to serve traffic via www.mapledeals.com?

If yes, can you check whether your SSL mode is Flexible?

If it’s Flexible, try change to Full (strict) mode.

It’s setup to receive traffic. The host provides a CNAME to configure DNS https://mapledeals.onrender.com.

This is working with AWS I’m thinking maybe using DO previously (which uses Cloudflare) is causing an issue.

It just doesn’t appear to be respecting my DNS settings.

Edit: Looks like you need to disable proxing Cloudflare DNS Settings | Render

Ah, that makes more sense.

Just to tie this issue off, the site is now resolving after disabling the proxying feature.

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@ashleyconnor may I ask how long did it take for DNS clash to be fixed using proxied mode?