DNS Settings - change


I’m trying to connect my domain to a squarespace site and I’m unsure which DNS settings to change. The domain was previously pointing to a different site and I need it to go to a re-designed site.

SS says I need two CNAMEs and 4 As which they’ve provided. Do I need to delete all other DNS entries which were there previously?

I’ve changed the nameservers with my domain registrar (Penguin-uk).


You can’t have CNAMEs and A/AAAA records for the same host (e.g. www.example.com), but you can have as many other records as you want for other hosts or, of other types, for the same host.

Ah ok, great.

My concern now is that Squarespace is displaying two erroneous AAAA records for the domain which aren’t displaying on my Cloudflare account. Not sure how to fix this. Any ideas?

Thanks again!

If the domain is proxied Cloudflare will always provide two A and two AAAA records, at least, for each host.

Those will not coincide with the ones the host wants and some do have issues.

If they aren’t accepting them, the only alternative would be to make the record not proxied, but that loses any service Cloudflare may offer.

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