DNS settings - Can't receive emails via POP3 (Gmail)

After using CF i stopped receiving emails via POP3 through gmail. Webmail is working.
I didn’t add any DNS records upon setup and tried to work with the existing ones following the email troubleshooting tips. But I have more records (eg: AAAA) and there still might be a misconfiguration somewhere i can’t firgure out. I hope someone here can spot the issue right away!

Here are my DNS records: http://prntscr.com/urwkvu

If you’ve configured Gmail to pull mail from example.com instead of mail.example.com, that would fail. POP on the ‘mail’ hostname does work.

Gmail is configured correctly but i just found out that after my latest DNS record change i had to enter the email password of the POP3 accounts again. :man_facepalming: Now it works with the records i have provided above. Thanks for checking and trying to help, sdayman!

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