DNS settings added, but not resolving

I’ve added DNS entries for SendGrid to verify my domain name, but even though they’re listed in CloudFlare’s list:

However, they don’t resolve when I run (and SendGrid can’t verify their presence either):

dig -tany s2._domainkey.foundercatalyst.com @ +short

Am I missing something to force them to update?

:wave: @andy32

Not familiar with a -tany flag or what it is supposed to do. If you do a straight dig (leave off the short as well) what is the actual response to your query?

— OG


Well that’s weird. The -tany should say “return all/any domain records regardless of type”, but it wasn’t working here. You’re right, removed that and got the result back. And SendGrid is now verifying it too (so this may have been a cached record, I think when I first set them up, I had not turned off proxying on the record). Thanks for the help.


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