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I have issue with my Domain I register my domain with Crazy Domain the issue is they ask me to get DNS from Cloudflare how can i get the DNS and pass it to Crazy Domain .

The problem is i can’t open my wordpress editor page and also login into c/panel what they ask need the DNS from cloudflare so they can solve the issue

Maybe they just want a picture of your DNS page so they can see your DNS records.

Yes you are right i just wait reply from Cloudflare?

You don’t need Cloudflare’s help to take a screenshot of your own DNS records page in the dashboard.

the problem is i don’t have the user id to login to get the DNS from cloudflare the Crazy domain not provide the detail of the Cloudflare after i register thru them i only find out after i install wordpress.

If CrazyDomain added your domain to Cloudflare, then they need to figure it out. If you added your domain to Cloudflare and can’t remember your login details, you can set up a new account and add your domain there.

You Are Rigth that Crazy Domain make me became more Crazy now they waiting for me to get the DNS from Cloudflare i just send email to Cloudflare to get me DNS detail.

i was shock went they told me that my domain was register under Cloudflare

Cloudflare isn’t going to send it to you. Ultimately, your website host should have this information. Cloudflare DNS is just a copy of your web host’s DNS.

this make more crazy i not understand why they register my domain to Cloudflare if there not sure how to resolve the issue.

Is there any way that i can get my DNS from Cloudflare?

No. Because as far as Cloudflare is concerned, it’s not your DNS. It belongs to whichever customer added it.

Who is hosting your website files?

My web hosting by Crazy Domain.sg

Get a new host. They’re completely responsible for this mess.

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i already get new host from other provider much better then the current one all complete with cloudflare user id

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i get another domain with other provider

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