DNS setting on the router and PC does not work

Although I have set DNS as on both the router and the PC, and restarted the device, when I tested, it still returned to the ISP’s DNS server.
Setting it to or even any other custom DNS is useless, and I still get the ISP’s DNS.
Why is this happening? How to solve it?

Which operating system are you using?

Windows 10. I get a same result on my iPhone which connect to the wireless router. I check it on My IP Address - BrowserLeaks

In that case post the output of this command

ipconfig /all


From this output it would appear as if only the Cloudflare resolvers are configured. If you run the DNS check on that machine it still shows the Chinese servers?

It could be that your ISP hijacks DNS requests and routes them via their own servers. Have you tried DNS-over-HTTPS already?

Not yet. Acctually, I don’t know how to set up DoH on my PC, iPhone or router. :rofl:Can you give me some guidelines? :sweat_smile: Maybe it would be useful to call the operator. Ask them to stop hijacking DNS.

This was just speculation, I cannot say for sure they are hijacking anything. However it is a possibility, if you have no other resolver configured on that machine (as it would appear from your screenshot) and their resolvers are nonetheless involved in the DNS resolution. Particularly in a Chinese context, I wouldnt be too surprised, but again, just speculation.

As for DoH, please use the search for that, as there are quite a few threads on how to set that up, respectively Google should also provide enough on that topic.

OK! Thanks for your helping! I would contact the operator and try to get them to stop hijacking my DNS. If that doesn’t work, I try to set up DoH on my PC.
Thank you again for your help!

Again, that was speculation from my side. I am not saying they are, just that it is a possibility.

If you want to rule that out you should switch to DoH, which would guarantee a tamper-proof DNS resolution (unless they break TLS).

Thanks. I have tried an app named “” on my mobile. That’s an app made by Cloudflare.[ ] It says that it could set up DoH or DoT on iPhone. It work! :100:

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