DNS setting keeps Caching (trying to verify Domain Ownership)

hello, i am trying to connect “10web” to Cloudflare and am having issues. I updated my nameservers on Godaddy to be hosted on Cloudflare. After i had done that “10web” (WordPress plugin) had me enter 2 new DNS records. 1 of the DNS records was verified but the other DNS record will not verify. The DNS record that was verified is a “CNAME”, the one that will not verify is a “TXT” record.

I’d double check the value of your txt record. And, you’re bypassing cloudflare at the moment as the DNS A record is not proxied, is that intentional. If not, edit to turn from :grey: to :orange:.

Thank you, the value of the TXT file is correct, I have turned on a proxy for the A record. but it still has yet to make a difference.

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