DNS Setting for index.php in subdomain

Can you please help me

I have created a subdomain on my server tracking.yyyyy.com
There is an index.php file in the subdomain

What DNS setting do I use to open the index.php



An A record for tracking to the IP address in question, :orange: if you want it proxied :grey: otherwise.


What are the settings for the A record?


What do you mean by settings? Maybe post a screenshot of what is unclear.

Trying to understand your A record suggestion.

I need the subdomain to be available and to load the index.php file


If you follow aforementioned description you will have the necessary DNS record. If there is something unclear please elaborate on what is, respectively post a screenshot of what you have configured so far.

I have these A records

I presume it is supposed to go to the same IP address as shown, right? If that is the case you simply need to follow aforementioned steps and create the A record for that IP address and give it the desired name.

What is a desired name? Anything?
and that will point to the subdomain without a CNAME?

Didnt you say it was tracking?

You can also use a CNAME and point it to an existing host name, the IP might be easier.

Adding the new A record “tracking” does not work.
deleting the above and
Adding a new CName record does not work either.

What does that mean? Post a screenshot of what you entered, respectively what error message you got.

Git it. Thanks with the CNAME settings

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