DNS setting don't update


I had a hosting on google. And cloudflare as DNS settings manager.

When I tried to change/delete any DNS settings record on google it happens fast.
But when i wanna to change smth on cloudflare it don’t changing (more than 48 hours).

I deleted my cloudflare DNS manager, but I still see that old DNS settings are available.
What is the problem?

You probably didn’t set up Cloudflare to be your authoritative DNS registrar. When you set up Cloudflare properly, you should only be able to change DNS records at CF.

See Use custom domain name servers at Manage domain name servers - Google Domains Help

Cloudflare DNS changes typically replicate globally in under 30 seconds. Proxied records won’t have their public facing IP addresses change. Since your zone is no longer hosted on Cloudflare where are you seeing these DNS settings?

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