DNS set-up

Hello, a couple newbie questions:

  1. I have Rogers, my service provider, Hitron router connected in bridge mode to an Apple Airport Time Capsule. I assume I only need to just change the DNS on the Airport and not the Hitron—is this correct?

  2. Do I need to also change the domain name—it is currently pub.net.cable.rogers.com.

  3. Once the Airport has been set-up correctly, assume all devices inside the network can just stay as automatic, rather than manual DNS?

Appreciate the help.

Usually you just need to edit the DNS Servers on your Router (here your Airport) and set them to the CF servers.

Clients will receive the internal IP addresss as DNS server via DHCP server and your fancy apple thing will forward the DNS requests to the Cloudflare DNS servers. :slight_smile:

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Hello Jonathan!

  1. Since the Hitron router is in bridge mode (PPPoE on the Apple Time Capsule?) that would be correct.
  2. The domain name is unrelated to the DNS.
  3. If the DHCP DNS is the Time Capsule ( or other local IP, identical to the default gateway of the network) as soon as the Time Capsule changes its DNS everyone would be changed, if the Time Capsule gives out the remote DNS with DHCP ( or local ISP one) then it would actually require a new lease for everyone (every 24hrs it should be performed automatically).
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Thanks for the helpful responses. I have the Time Capsule connected to the Rogers cable modem using DHCP. So I guess things are OK the way I’ve set them up?

What is the domain name related to?

To reply exactly I have to know another little thing: does the Time Capsule give out its own IP range or passes the DHCP to the Rogers modem? Basically: what is the IP of the Time Capsule with respect to the Rogers modem (10.x.x.x? 172.[16-31].x.x? 192.168.x.x? Something else?) Your computer, behind the TC has the same class of IP or something else? If you don’t mind write them.

In this case it could also be necessary that you change the DNS of the Rogers modem, but I’m not 100% sure until you give me those details.

The domain refers to the hostnames of the local LAN, basically a sort of Dynamic DNS for each device that is available locally. You could theoretically put everything you want in there, if you then accessed an hostname that is in use (assume you computer is called jonathan, the full hostname would be jonathan.pub.net.cable.rogers.com) through a browser it should resolve to the local IP of your computer. Usually it is not used a real, active, domain (at least that you don’t control) because if for some reason one of the local hostnames becomes used on the public internet you wouldn’t be able to access the remote one without network changes (basically the same thing that CF is now experiencing with that some ISPs and LANs used it as a bogus address meaning many people aren’t able to access it, only translated to hostnames and domains).

Thanks for all your help Matteo. I spoke to my provider yesterday, got it all sorted (did not need to change DNS on the router in bridge mode—but I did anyway).


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