DNS Set Up But Site Will Not Load

It has now been about 96 hours since I updated nameservers and A records and site still does not load.

Any ideas what I did wrong?

Drop the two ns A records (unless you actually use these for another domain’s nameservers) and create an A record for your naked domain (@) which points to the desired IP address.


Did that and created the attached which is the ip addresses for the hosting but site still not loading.

What did I do wrong?

Neither of these addresses seem to host your webserver. Why did you specify these addresses?

I used these because before I switched to cloud flare I had NS1 and NS2 pointing to these addresses and site loaded fine.

Maybe I should try this ip since I see it also listed in the cpanel:

You cant use nameservers there. The IP you mentioned appears to be the correct one.

However, your server does not appear to have a valid SSL certificate. There’s a self-signed certificate in place, which has expired three months ago. In that way you could only use the less secure “Full” mode on Cloudflare and not the only secure “Full strict”.

Ok will make that change but I thought that Cloudflare also had a Free certificate.

Yes and no. Cloudflare does provide free certificate under the Origin Certificate programme, but you still have to set that up on your server.

The certificate you are probably referring to are the proxy certificates which do not cover your server but only Cloudflare’s infrastructure. Without a proper certificate on your server, your site is still insecure.

Thanks for all your help.

That ip change has site working again.

Now I need to figure out what to put in for the MX records to get the mail working again.

The next step should be the certificate :wink:

Then MX

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