DNS Servers were disappeared, when i paste them in Domain settings

Hello, i just want to know how can I add NS in my domain, as whenever i tried to put NS in my domain they get disappeared.
And my website status on Cloudflare is NS updation pending. Can anyone help me to sort this problem??
And I also want to know that the DNS record were automatically updated after the NS updation or we have to update records manually???

Whats your domain? Generally, you need to change your nameservers at your registrar, not Cloudflare.

They should have been imported when you added the domain. If that did happen you will need to create them now manually.

gloss.pk is my domain…but when I enter NS at my domain then why they get disappeared??

are you saying record will be entered after the NS were pointed in the domain?

Your nameservers are properly set, there is nothing else you need to do in that regard. You just need to check your DNS records on Cloudflare are properly configured.

there are 5 other website on my Cloudflare…all are working properly but now this “gloss.pk” gives an error which now has been removed.
i have entered all the DNS records manually by comparing with other websites.
now what i should do now?? should i remove these DNS records?

Your site loads fine for me, as well as at http://sitemeer.com/#www.gloss.pk

Currently it does not go through Cloudflare’s proxies, but thats a different issue. The site itself appears to be configured properly and does load.

ok thank you so much for your kind times :blush:

Another thing to keep in mind is that your server does not have a valid certificate for your domain, so you can set your SSL mode only to “Full” and not “Full strict”. The latter would be more secure but requires a valid certificate on your server.

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