DNS server setting does not work


i have a problem with a .com domain name on Cloudflare. The domain is active and I have registered the DNS server of Cloudflare with my provider.

Cloudflare then automatically took over my DNS server settings from the old provider.

My domain points to a Loadbalancer IP (104.248.102.x) from Digital Ocean.

If I start an nslookup on the domain, then I get this IP ( back from Cloudflare. But this is wrong and this IP ( I don’t have anywhere in the DNS config.

Does anyone have any idea what’s wrong?

Many thanks

You get that IP because you are proxying your site

You’d need to switch :orange: to :grey: to disable the proxy and point straight to your IP. In this case you’ll lose the security and performance features of Cloudflare however.


Many many thanks Sandro, this was the solution.

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