DNS server people can connect to that switches out a domain for my ip and a port

I am new to DNS servers and want to know how I can setup my DNS to redirect people to my server and port when they try to connect to another domain name that I don’t own. For example, someone on my DNS server tries to connect to google.com but it connects them to (MY IP ADDRESS):25565.

Can someone help me with making this and setting it up so anyone can use it?

So you want Cloudlfare to help you hijack someone else’s domain? I’m not sure on many things, but this one is definitely 100% not going to happen.

If you need that to happen on your internal network, you’d have to configure that on your local DNS. Even then, getting it to redirect to another port is no easy task. But internal network configurations are beyond the scope of this forum.

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Perhaps you want an outbound proxy server of some kind?

Squid example running in AWS that one could certainly replicate on an internal network.

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