DNS seems correct but browser Can't Reach the Website

Hello! I’d be really happy if you could help me solve this problem, my site is not working and I don’t know what to do. Here’s what happened:

  1. I changed nameservers of my domain to Cloudflare’s and set up DNS
  2. I deployed a website through Cloudflare Pages and added custom domains (mydomain.io, www.mydomain.io)
  3. Everything works fine
  4. I delete web hosting on my previous host (DigitalOcean) because now I’ve arranged everything on Cloudflare.
  5. Website not working anymore (DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN)

I’ll attach some images of my set-up.

Here’s on Cloudflare Pages

Diagnostic says everything’s fine with DNS (afaik)

Screenshot from 2021-11-14 10-34-34

UPDATE: I checked with nslookup.io and saw that A and AAAA records of mydomain.io and mydomain.pages.dev (Cloudflare Pages app) do not match! Also, neither mydomain.io nor www.mydomain.io has CNAME records on nslookup or other DNS checker sites.
P.S. mydomain is a dummy name :slight_smile:

There’s clearly some sort of DNS issue, and it may just be DNSSEC.

Unfortunately, without knowing the actual domain name, we can’t investigate, but here’s a DNSSEC checker I like:


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Thanks a lot for the reply! So after your reply, I just went to check through all services again - I noticed that although I deleted the App on DigitalOcean (it even ensured that all App-related domains will be deleted as well), the DNS settings under Networking tab were not deleted… and still pointed to DO nameservers. A couple of hours after deleting them, the links started working.
A silly mistake from my side, but for any other newbies - such configuration on Cloudflare works just fine. Have a good day!

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