DNS reverting to old IP Adress when we proxy the CNAME record


I added this issue into the community and there was zero response from from any team member to help with this issue. There was also another member that was having the same issue with no response.

I do understand that people are busy, but to close off such a major issue without any investigation, is something I was not expecting. Is it possible that someone could look into this issue?


Tony @ Wibble

DNS reverting to old server when we proxy the CNAME record

Please be more specific in your description of the problem. If you can use your actual domain, it works best since it allows Community members to examine the situation.

If you prefer to not share your domain, you can substitute example.com.

Please describe the action you are taking, followed by the expected results, and then the actual results.


I visited www.example.com. I expected to see my new website. Instead I was shown a Shopify error page.


We transferred a site from Serverbolt to Cloudways and when we setup the DNS the site initially worked as should on the new server.

When we enabled the proxy on the A record for server IP and the CNAME for www the DNS pointed to the old Serverbolt IP and the site run from that.

We then had to unproxy A record and C-NAME to redirect the traffic to Cloudways.

The IP in the A record for this, was only ever the Cloudways IP address after the initial update.

Serverbolt appears to be a Cloudflare partner. Were you using their Cloudflare when you were with them?

No, not that I am aware, we rescued this site and moved it to Cloudways.

I was not aware that this could be an issue as Cloudflare should respect what’s set at the DNS level and not refer to ServerBolt.

Two other points,
1: I thought Cloudways had an IP priority as they too are a partner or is this in the enterprise only?
2: SB Bolt is no longer there now as this was deleted a few days back and all site info and files removed.

It would depend on the type of integration. There have been numerous historical occurrences of Cloudflare for SaaS partners failing to remove hostnames from their accounts when their users moved to other providers. There is a Cloudflare #tutorial on the topic. The use of a third-party tool like Liberate The Hostname should no longer be necessary, but if your domain is not being released properly, you may want to see if it fixes things for you.

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