DNS reverted back to original (more info)


Just learned how to revert back our original records from Ezoic. However, upon logging-in today, I saw that our records are back to Ezoic “DNS”. I suspect that this is an issue from the threads I keep reading here on the community like “the DNS takes time to propagate” or “there is an automated function that does this (???)”.

Upon checking the Audit logs, I saw that my DNS changed after 6~7 hours by an User IP Address that isn’t me. I’ve checked all my login IP address and its always the same. This one is different and showing this “”. While I feel like someone is changing it, there is no LOGIN from them thus maybe a automated function ???

Thank you for your help.

Actually, I may have found that reason from this thread:

Looks like the previous tech integrated the Cloudflare to Ezoic. Giving it the automation process of logging-in automatically and changing the DNS configurations. Geez.

I hope this fixed it, if not, I’ll post a follow-up.

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