DNS Reveal

I have a privacy problem with my domain. I have my domain handled by CF, but for some reason, whenever someone tries to add my domain to your system as well, it shows them all the current DNS records for the domain, effectively revealing my real IP addresses of my DNS records. I understand this is now what is supposed to happen, so some help would be highly appreciated :slight_smile:


Thank you for asking.

Well, not exactly. DNS history is available to most “free” users. It’s also an free online tool. I am afraid you cannot hide it as the DNS record are already published if you lookup for your domain name (or any other) :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

I am afraid scanning for the existing DNS records while adding a domain name to Cloudflare cannot be “shutdown” in general.

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Thank you for the information!

Are you sure though that people are supposed to be able to even start the process of adding my domain to CF, even though it’s already added by me? Seems kinda odd to me, and a friend of mine said they shouldn’t be able to go through the first step even, if the domain is already added by someone else…

Hm, well, in case if you lost the access to your Cloudflare account and want to use Cloudflare again, therefore you create a new CF account … how would you re-add it again to your new Cloudflare account → hopefully you don’t know which DNS records you have had without having a backup of them somewhere? :thinking: