DNS return same result from everywhere in world


I 've set CDN On and Cloudflare system status shows “All Systems Operational”
I checked the DNS result by https://check-host.net/ and it return same result from everywhere in world.

I also ping my domain name and the IP is in USA , (It quite abnormal since I’m in Taiwan, Cloudflare shoud use the server at south asia.)

Is there anyway to trace this issue ?


Cloudflare uses an anycast network. We advertise the same IP address for our customers from all 151+ datacenters.

You can check to see which datacenter you are contecting to using the trace url in this article: https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/200169986-Which-Cloudflare-data-center-do-I-reach-

It could very well be you are hitting a US colo, but that would be based on the plan type for the domain in question.


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