Dns restarting

Okey 1-3days ago i add dns firewall A record becaus i need add domain on my website, everthing fine but i starting get error about website he is down and others stuff when i cheking cloudflare i see all domain is restored back old possitions, idk how that is possible becaus with other domain who is 9months old and using cliudflare i dont have this problem,but with new domain i have this problem,is possible somehow fix that brokem? becaus restarting or restoret dns firewall ever 5-24h not funny becaus our main website get down thanks cloudflare ;@

Check your audit logs. Odds are you have delegated rights to a tool such as Ezoic to modify your records and it is doing what you configured it to do. Cloudflare doesn’t change DNS or firewall settings on behalf of users.


is possible stopped that? bc auditlog i cheking someone add that back,now i want to stop this eduting,if this is possible.

ceturtd., 2023. g. 29. jūn., plkst. 22:58 — lietotājs cscharff via Cloudflare Community (<[email protected]>) rakstīja:

Disable the integration or treat your account as compromised and change passwords and API keys.

Secure compromised account · Cloudflare Fundamentals docs.

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