DNS resolving MD>RO>WorldWide

Hi everyone. The problem consist in: In our country(Moldova), is available Cloudflare DNS resolver, which is very close to where i’m living. When i’m setting DNS (, it connecting to Romanian DNS Cloudflare server instead of my country ones or it’s re-routing which in theory should not happen. Regarding to this subject i have 2 question:

  1. Is it possible to connect to Cloudflare dns range pool instead of using
    2)Why he’s connecting to RO server which is far more than where i live?


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Strange things happens. Recently i try with + and was connected for a while to the closest data center. Then it started again to route firstly to RO. And i don’t think that in my country all people are using Cloudflare most of them 90-95% are using ISP’s dns servers. https://www.cloudflare.com/learning/cdn/glossary/anycast-network/ << They wrote about network congestions and things like that.

I am afraid you will need to talk to your ISP, as the routing is up to them. The article provides the details.

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