DNS resolving for subdomains used in Cloudflared tunnel does not work

I am try to setup Cloudflared to access my Kubernetes resources using the following tutorial - cloudflare-docs/many-cfd-one-tunnel.md at production · cloudflare/cloudflare-docs · GitHub,
however I stuck at last step - accessing resources over domain.

I have configured the tunnel fine, it’s visible over dash.teams.cloudflare.com, I have also create CNAME record via web and also create another record using cli command:

cloudflared tunnel route dns example-tunnel tunnel.example.dev

But I cannot access my service. It seems like DNS does not translate certain subdomains at all.

Does anyone know what can be the issue?

Resolving example.dev works fine

also resolving test record test.example.dev works okay

during investigation of this issue resolving started to work somehow… but anyways I would like to keep this open to learn what might be the issue…

Note: My domain is not example.dev

As it looks like you followed all of the correct steps to set up a DNS route and this resolved on its own, its likely this was just caused by DNS propagation time. DNS changes won’t be reflected on every device instantly and so the nslookup was likely failing due to the change not propagating to you yet.

It seems like… but I do not get why records including argo ID takes sooo long to propage and others are instant… :frowning:

I am gonna to monitor this closely.

There’s no difference in propagating DNS records from Tunnel vs other “normal” DNS records. They should all appear as fast as possible throughout the world.

Did you set up your domain to have authoritative DNS resolution in Cloudflare?

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Yes I did. It may just be a coincidence…

Closing as it seems like the issue has been caused by natural DNS behaviour.
Note: It seems definitely because my local DNS server was slow. Forcing to use fixed the issue instantly.

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