DNS resolves correctly only when proxy is disabled

My website was hosted on Clickfunnels. I have now hosted it on WPX. I have also pointed the DNS A records in Cloudflare to WPX but DNS still resolves it to Clickfunnels IP. Did some troubleshooting and found that once the proxy is paused for all the A records, the website starts loading normally from the WPX Cloud.

What could be the issue here? Have also tried purging cache a couple of times.

CloudFlare will update immediately for the most part when you assign new records/etc. It’s odd with WPX IPs in play, it resolves back to a ClickFunnel IP. Could this perhaps be a server issue, maybe an NGINX configuration forgotten about doing forwarding for you?

By server issue, do you mean something on the clickfunnels side? On cloudflare, there was a forward rule which I have deleted but issue persists. I will check if there’s anything on the clickfunnels side.

Hi there,

Sometimes, when you point to a specific CNAME target like Clickfunnel’s, it’s possible that the target/destination is actually a Cloudflare partner. In this case, they’ll take over your subdomain’s configuration to ensure that there are no misconfigurations and that you can enjoy the full set of required functionality without paying additionally for it.

In such case, when you point away, it’ll still check for the other zone’s (partner’s) configuration and will not update. You’d need to either remove your domain from the partner or if they don’t do it in time, shoot us a message in form of a ticket and we can forcefully remove the connection.

We’re working on automating this in the future to avoid confusion.

Hope this helps!

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Hi TKlien,

Oh, ok. That was helpful. I have now removed my domain from Clickfunnels but DNS still resolves to Clickfunnels. When I try to load my website, it takes me to Clickfunnels (not my Clickfunnels website but the actual Clickfunnels website). I’ve also done “Purge everything” on Cloudflare side. What else needs to be done?

You still probably have to ask Clickfunnels to ask Cloudflare (it’s like playing that telephone operator children’s game) to disconnect your domain from Clickfunnels.

This would be fantastic, as this comes up at least once a day.

Hi TKlien,

I just deleted the domain completely from cloudflare and re-added it. But DNS still resolves to clickfunnels. I thought deleting and readding the domain would immediately clear everything up. Or would that take time too? It’s a free account, so I can’t even submit a ticket with Cloudflare. Any suggestions?

According to the below thread, Clickfunnels can remove your domain, but it may take a week:

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