DNS resolver IP address is not working

Connectivity to one of the resolver ip address( is broken since a last few days. It’s the same everywhere, desktop and android.
Here’s the link to debugging logs:
Desktop: log
Android: log

Private DNS addresses which were used:

Desktop(windows 11)

Android: cloudflare-dns(.)com

Hey @anb
Could you look into this? A few months back, we had some issues related to DNS on android, and you were the one who helped in getting it fixed. I had to post through a new account since I lost the credentials to that account.

Hi @Rob.1,

The current issue doesn’t look like the one you linked. Could you try a traceroute, and a dig to the IP, and post the result here? The result showed in test page could have other factors, e.g. adblock, to make it false positive.

My bad, it was the ad blocker causing the issue. Thanks!

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