DNS Resolve - OpenVPN

Hello fellow geeks!

I have an issue:

I have a no-ip registered FQDN I’m used to using with my OpenVPN VPN configured in pfSense. (It works using my pub IP)

I have migrated DNS to clouldflare, and am running into a snag resolving my FQDN (rosenstrong,com) through my OpenVPN client. - Unable to resolve (authoritative)

I have disabled proxy.
I have my Cloudflare DNS servers configured on my Registrars admin page.
Whois is showing me my cliudflare DNS server (mxtoolbox)

I have tried overriding client DNS settings and everything on the OpenVPN side. - nada.

Please help? :pray:

rosenstrong.com resolves ok for me and you are set up correctly with Cloudflare as far as I can see.

What DNS server is the OpenVPN client using? The issue would appear to stem from there.


Thanks for your reply!

In my OpenVPN server configured using the pfsense wizard, I have tried setting override DNS, and leaving client DNS to the client.

pfSense set to

  • I do have force all traffic through the tunnel which shouldnt affect it.
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Here is a screenshot of my current dns settings

Made me take a closer look at my VPN settings, and after adding vpn,rosenstrong,com as depicted it worked.

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