DNS resolve issue - Delay

We are experience slowness while resolving the below domains. It get “Timeout” in first attempt and 2 to 5 sec. delay to get it resolve. In a 2nd attempt it resolve due to cache built in first attempt but after 1 hrs when cache expire it again have the same issue.

www.awr.com ← site name

Please have a look.

Here is the result of timeout.

Just to note here: Your Website is using Drupal CMS and Varnish cache with Cloudflare cache.

Is the Drupal setup correctly to use Varnish?
Moreover, Drupal and Cloudflare?
Also, the setup regarding Varnish and Cloudflare?

Thanks for your reply, Could you please help us how to check regarding your queries?

That appears to be an issue with your DNS server. I’d recommend having your network admin take a look at it.


Our DNS servers are working fine for all the external and internal domains other than cloudflare domains where we are getting the delay or timeout errors. We also clean up the cache and restarted named service on all our dns servers and forwarders and our network team as well confirmed that there is no restrictions applied on the firewall for cloudflare domains.

Could you please check at your end that why this is happening only for cloudflare domains?


Neither of these domains are using Cloudflare for their authoritative DNS. They have a CNAME record which points to a Cloudflare domain.

Does your DNS team have a log where it indicates a problem with Cloudflare’s resolvers? What forwarder are they using for recursive queries?

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