DNS Resolution Issue with ProInShot.com on Cloudflare

Hello Cloudflare Community,

I’ve recently started using Cloudflare to enhance the security and performance of my video editing tips website, https://www.proinshot.com. However, I’ve run into a persistent issue with DNS resolution that I hope some of you might help me troubleshoot.

After setting up my DNS records according to the standard recommendations, I noticed that some users are experiencing delayed DNS resolution, which significantly impacts load times. Here are the details of my current setup:

  • A records pointing to my host’s IP address.
  • CNAME records for www and subdomains, redirecting correctly.
  • I’ve enabled Cloudflare’s proxy status for both A and CNAME records.

Despite these configurations, DNS resolution times are inconsistent. I’ve checked with my hosting provider, and everything appears normal on their end. I’m wondering if there might be a misconfiguration or a specific Cloudflare setting I’ve overlooked that could be causing these issues.

Has anyone here experienced something similar or have any suggestions on what I might try next to resolve this? Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I aim to provide a seamless experience for the visitors of ProInShot.

Thank you in advance for your time and help!


Can you elaborate on how exactly are you testing this, and how you’re coming to the conclusion of this “delayed DNS resolution” and “inconsistent DNS resolution times”?

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