DNS Resolution Failing - After Transfer to CloudFlare


After updating NS records to point to Cloudflare (coraline.ns.cloudflare.com, nikon.ns.cloudflare.com) for domain nzsystems.com, DNS resolution has stopped working. DNSSEC was disabled at source, and I can see the NS change has propagated.

The records have all been created in Cloudflare and status is set to “DNS Only”, on the free plan.

I’m not sure if I missed anything else with the Cloudflare setup?

Thanks for any input.

Other than a DKIM record, none of the usual DNS records are showing…

There are another pair of nameservers for your domain so check you are in the correct account for your domain and the nameservers are as shown at the bottom of your DNS page here…

Otherwise, can you show a screenshot of your DNS records page?

Check the nameservers at the bottom of that page. They will probably be junade.ns.cloudflare.com and nucum.ns.cloudflare.com. If so, you need to change to those at your domain registrar.

The name servers look correct; it is possible JUNADE and NUCUM were in the old account.

Check that your records are correctly entered. Use @ for the domain and do not enter the domain name with subdomains (so just enter mail for mail.nzsystems.com for example). It seems you have created these…

dig +short nzsystems.com.nzsystems.com

Thanks, that did it!

Hopefully the “Other Cloudflare account nameservers for xxx” will purge over the next few days.

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Yes, the zone will show as “Moved” in the other account then as here…

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