DNS resolution error... Error 1001

Hi. I am simply trying to open google chrome or internet explorer and I’m getting the error “error 1001: dns resolution error”

This has never happened before. I am using a newer Microsoft surface pro. Please help.


What brings you to Cloudflare for this issue? Are you using or trying to connect to a site on Cloudflare?

I didn’t even know what Cloudflare was before this error popped up - it just gave me a bunch of details regarding cloudfare (I’m not very tech savvy so this was all new information to me). I simply opened my laptop and opened chrome and this error happened.

But after reading a few forums I was able to fix the issue - I had to change my WiFi Privacy settings from “public” to “private” and this fixed the issue.


I had the same issue. Lately the Chrome browser has been misbehaving - it’s easy to check. Try opening the link with a different browser. I just had this error popping up. I tried the same link with MS Edge - works fine, so it is a problem with the Google Chrome.

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