DNS resolution error after removing domain

Hi guys,

I recently removed my domain salarymagazine.co.za from Cloudflare and changed my DNS records to point to my host. Now whenever I visit the domain I get this message:

Error 1001 Ray ID: 59b1c236fd26491a

Can someone clarify what could be causing this error even after the domain is removed from CF?

Or should I allow for 24 hours for the new settings to take effect since the value of the time to live is set to 86400 on the DNS records?


It can take 48 hours for name server changes to fully propagate.

If you destroyed your DNS records in Cloudflare before new name server propagation completes, that would be a problem.

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Hi @sdayman, thanks for responding. What kind of a problem are we talking about?

Users whose local DNS says Cloudflare is your name server will query Cloudflare name servers for your IP address. If you’ve deleted those records, then Cloudflare name servers won’t resolve the request.

Let’s say I’ve deleted the Cloudflare name server records from my IP address, will my website be able to load content as usual?

See, what I did was remove the domain from CF then went on and changed the name server records to point to my host’s default.

At this point all I want is for my domain to load as usual.

Let me also add that the reason I decided to remove the domain from Cloudflare in the first place was because users kept getting a 503 Service Unavailable error.

Now, when I contacted my host provider this is the message they responded with:

The domain salarymagazine.co.za is using cloudflare name server and pointing to cloudflare IP address.

We do not have access to cloudflare server so you can contact their support and check with the issue.

So, what I was really looking for in the first place was to resolve the 503 Service Unavailable error. But since my host told me to check the issue with Cloudflare can you please advise if indeed you can help resolve the 503 issue?

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