DNS Resolution and Security Issues on turnmeloud.org Post Domain Transfer

Dear Support Team,

I am facing issues with my website www.turnmeloud.org following a recent domain transfer from GoDaddy. Specifically, some pages, such as this one http://www.turnmeloud.org/p/promote-your-music-with-us.html, are showing the ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED error, and there are also warnings about an unsecured connection.

These problems started occurring after the domain transfer from GoDaddy. Could you please assist me in resolving these problem? DNS screeshot below.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Assuming your site is fully hosted on Google and not Godaddy, you should remove the A records for and as these point to AWS (for Godaddy hosting).

It is likely your errors were coming when using https://turnmeloud.org (that is without the www) and it would randomly point to the dead hosting.

Thank you for your guidance. I have removed the A records for and as you suggested.

I have also set up a redirect, as shown in the attached screenshot. However, I am encountering a new issue: the page https://www.turnmeloud.org/ sometimes redirects to a .com domain, specifically to http://www.turnmeloud.com/p/contact.html. This behavior is inconsistent and occurs on certain tabs

Could you please advise on what might be causing this new redirect issue and how I can resolve it? Is there a possibility that some configuration on my current setup is causing these redirects to the .com domain?

I don’t get that redirect. It may be something your browser has cached from something previously configured or from your site. Try clearing your browser cache or private/incognito mode.

Just double check you don’t have any other redirect rules or page rules set in Cloudflare.

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