DNS reset of all records

Hello Community,

I’d like to reset all DNS records in my DNS zone.
While the domain assistant read out more than 250 DNS records of the old domain parking provider now I have to remove all the A records - that’s really not a nice work over the dashboard.

I’ve also tried to download the DNS zone file, to remove all unneccessary records and to upload the new zone file but the upload of a new zone file merges the new zone file only - the not existing records are not removed.

Does anybody has an idea how I can create an empty DNS set from scratch when connecting cloudflare DNS with my domains?

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Welcome to the Cloudflare Community. :logodrop:

You can prevent such records from being created in the future by ensuring that you have no wildcard records prior to adding a domain to Cloudflare. Removing the current records can be done individually from the dashboard or you can use the API. If you are looking for tools that can use the API, here are some that a Cloudflare Community member wrote.


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