DNS request to NameServer are FAILED


We are Proximus Luxembourg ,a Luxembourg ISP
Since 1 week mony of DNS request to NameServer Hosted by Cloudflare are “rejected”
That mean all Domains managed by Cloudflare are nor reachable for US

Could help us please ?



I have a problem, which I think might be connected to this.

For friend of mine, a proximus client in Belgium, we wanted to reach his home assistant using nginx proxy manager externally via a Cloudflare managed domain but whatever we do, we get “Connection timed out Error code 522” error. I have myself, as a client of another ISP, an identical setup and for me it’s working…

Please look into this issue.


Interesting… I also have proximus in Belgium. Since yesterday my home assistant also went unreachable with error 522. If i disable Cloudflare proxy it works fine.

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