DNS refusing queries


When request NS lookup, the Cloud Flare NS servers respond with

** server can’t find google.com: REFUSED

[[email protected] ~]# ping google.com
ping: Name or service not known

;; Got recursion not available from, trying next server
Server: y.y.158
Address: x.x#53

** server can’t find …: REFUSED

What is wrong? please help


Nothing is wrong. donald.ns.cloudflare.com is not the authoritative nameserver for google.com and so it not configured to answer for that domain.

If you want to query their authoritative nameservers they are


thanks, google was just a test to see if my SOA Name Server was responding , I can’t update the centos repos, or curl

i’ve decided to change the hostname of system so it is nothing to do with other domains, and I have removed CloudFlare as my DNS from the server and now using google i get replies.

I am going to shut down the server and reconfigure to have cloudflare as the SOA DNS is this acceptable?

I’m not sure what this means. Your individual servers/ devices / routers should be configured to use a recursive resolver. The nameservers Cloudflare provides for a zone are to be configured at the registrar for that DNS zone.

So the cloudflare NS are not to be used for server/devices/router configuration ? i will reuse the original datacenter NS instead if this is the case!

this issue occurs on the server that hosts domains, and it is hosting many domains on a single shared IP, and it is configured in a VPC with a public ip to be available to CloudFlare DNS, but you can recommend to not use the NS of cloudflare going outbound?

The DNS server you were testing is an authoritative nameserver, not a recursive nameserver. Cloudflare offers a recursive nameserver service as do others: — the Internet’s Fastest, Privacy-First DNS Resolver

thanks, recursive dns is good for pcs and mobile devices? but i should stick to my datacenter ns as the authoritive name server?

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