DNS refused


I trying use CloudFlare on my domain. Already did configured on my CloudFlare’s account but on registro.br says that nameserver are refusing this domain.

I tryed too on another account and too are refused.

I added another domain on same account and changed without issue.

Probably the same issue as these two

Best to contact support

Hello Sandro,

But CloudFlare’s nameserver can’t resolve domain, look this dig


Did you read the threads I linked to?

Yes, i did that but they said the same that dig showed, this nameserver refuse resolve domain.

Para que a alteração seja realizada com sucesso, os novos servidores
DNS devem estar previamente configurados para o domínio.

O erro “Pesquisa recusada” indica que o servidor DNS recebeu a
consulta, porém recusou-se a responder:

Domínio jornalcontabil.com.br
DNS alex.ns.cloudflare.com
Status Pesquisa Recusada
Tempo de resposta 1.8338 ms

Domínio jornalcontabil.com.br
DNS poppy.ns.cloudflare.com
Status Pesquisa Recusada
Tempo de resposta 2.7036 ms

And what was not clear about my response?

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