DNS Redirection issues ultrapure-usa.com

We created the redirect rule for the domain using Static and Dynamic option but both of them not working. Any help?

ultrapure-usa.com does not have a DNS record…

Add a dummy proxied DNS record for @ and any subdomains you want to redirect as A or AAAA 100::.

Hi @Sjr,

Thanks for your reply. I’ve added the dummy DNS record and can see the redirection working fine for the domain https://ultrapure-usa.com/ to https://bulkalcohol.com/. However, the redirection not working for the domain with www ex: https://www.ultrapure-usa.com/. Let me know if we need to adjust any other settings further.

You need a dummy DNS record for that as well. If a domain doesn’t resolve (to Cloudflare) it can’t be redirected as the request won’t go anywhere.

Hi @sjr,

Thanks for your reply and suggestion.

I’ve added the required A record and everything works fine.

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