DNS Redirecting Rule Stopped working

On December 2023 I created a reroute rule that was working fine demonstrating how we are rerouting some traffic based on a query string information passed in the URI

Rule Name: abc_viewer_redirect
Expression: http.request.uri.query contains “abc=”

URL redirect static https://zarviewer.weebly.com/ Status Code: 301

It was working until I decided to update the Rule Name to abc_viewer_redirect_XYZ. No other changes. It stopped working. I reversed it back and still it isn’t working.

Has anyone encountered this problem?

Hi there,

Thats what you get for changing something that was working. :grin: JK

Your issue is in your expression. Please open you zippyar_viewer_redirect rule, press edit expression and change this:

(http.request.uri.query eq "http.request.uri.query contains \"zar_key=\"")

to this:

(http.request.uri.query contains "zar_key=")

Take care.

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If changing a rule’s name make it break than it is a frickle functionality :smiley:
That expression was working since December. However, I changed ( because staying the same is boring ), initially with your recommendation and it started working again. Thank you! : )

THEN… I also improved the expressions for added security to prevent injection.
(http.request.full_uri contains “https://www.example.com/mypage.html” and http.request.uri.query contains “abc_id=”) or (http.request.uri.query contains “mnm_id=”) or (http.request.uri.query contains “xyz_id=”) :smiley: :muscle:t3: :raised_hands:t3: THANK YOU!


Hi there,

If changing a rule’s name make it break than it is a frickle functionality :smiley:

It’s a new functionality we’re working on called surprise downtime. :rofl: No extra charge!

But now seriously, not to point any fingers, but if you check your audit logs, particularly on 2024-03-29T19:24:55+00:00, you’ll find the answer for the “whats” and “whos”.

Nevertheless, I assumed it was unintended, that’s why I didn’t bother to point it out and instead only pointed you to the solution directly. What matters is that it’s now solved.

Take care.

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