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HI, I am trying out cloud flare for the first time. I dont want to set them as the NS for my domain as the current provider handles my emails. Id like to just put in an A record to forward my traffic to cloud flare. Can someone please advise what IP address I should set the A record to.

I am afraid that’s not possible. Best you could do is use a CNAME setup but that will require at least a Business plan.

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So how do people handle their emails through cloud flare then?
I find it hard to believe if people need to just put a forward on an email address they cannot do it if they use this system. As it sits if someone emails me at [email protected] it is forwarded to my personal email address (like gmail.com). I dont have a business mail server running somewhere.

By setting the appropriate DNS records like with any other nameserver.

You still need a mail server as Cloudflare does not handle emails. Cloudflare only works with HTTP.

Check out support.cloudflare.com as that has all that information.

Yes this is my point. I am having emails forwarded to my personal gmail account where my NS record is right now. And I’m sure since this is the free account that this is how many small businesses or personal accounts work.
Everyone does not have a dedicated mail server. So the simple solution ( since cloud flare does not work with emails) is to leave the NS where is to allow the handling of my emails and simply point an A record to cloud flare. Could you please tell me why this would not work. I don’t obviously know the internal workings of your system, but this would be a usual way to do things.

Nameservers do not handle emails, mail servers do.

If you want to use Cloudflare you’ll have to change the nameservers. You can certainly still point to the same mail server. Did you check out the mentioned tutorial? The search here has a lot more as well.

You add your site to Cloudflare, make sure all necessary records get imported, change the nameservers, and you are good to go.

On my Gandi domains, if I use their name servers, they include very basic email or free forwarders.

But there are free email forwarding services out there.

That’s because they provide mail servers which handle that. Cloudflare does not do that.

The point is the whole email story is unrelated to Cloudflare. If you point your domain to mail servers they will handle that but you still need to change the nameservers.

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