DNS Redirect Very Slow

Hi all,

first a disclaimer: I am very new to the whole website business. I developed a web app, which can be reached via https://solo-fsw.shinyapps.io/lavaangui/. I also wanted it reachable via the easier http://lavaangui.org/. For this purpose, I bought a URL at Namecheap. I then realized that the loading time is very different between https://solo-fsw.shinyapps.io/lavaangui/ and http://lavaangui.org/ (1 second vs 5 seconds). I assumed this is because the DNS server at Namecheap are bad and thus switched the nameserver to Cloudflare servers. However, the problem still persists.

Is there a solution to this?

Hi there,

Curious how you are doing this redirect from http://lavaangui.org/ to https://solo-fsw.shinyapps.io/lavaangui/ ?

I would recommend using Cloudflare Redirect rules or Page Rules to do this redirect, if you are not doing this currently - Create a redirect rule in the dashboard · Cloudflare Rules docs

This is what a redirect rule would look like:

At the moment running through webpagetest.org - I am seeing a slower time to first byte, rather than any problems with the connectivity, dns, ssl/hanshake. - which makes me think current redirect is being served not by Cloudflare.

Hi, thanks so much for your help! You solved my problem. I originally had set up the redirect via namecheap and afterwards moved to cloudflare servers. I now, first moved to namecheap servers again, removed the redirect in their interface, moved to cloudflare, and setup the rules as per your explanation. It now works like a charm.


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