DNS redirect to google drive folder

A few years ago I created a DNS record to link to a Google Drive Link, I’m not sure how I did it. It was something like “google.example.com” that pointed to “google.com/drive/somefolder

Was it a CNAME record?

It looks like I can’t use a CNAME record to recreate it though?

@RemoveAccount Please change my name to AlexTu2

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Done, you are @AlexTu2. LMK if you need anything else.

Are you getting an error 1004?

Yes I am

The record is set to :grey: yes? It should be, if iy is, and not :orange:, that may be the issue. It should be :grey: and if so and it is not working, I have seen that before & can recreate. I need to :search: & :thinking: to find out/remember why/when…

hmm I’ve tried both proxied and non-proxied and still get error 1004

Would I be able to use a URI record? or anything else?