DNS Redirect from domain to custom URL?

I’m trying to redirect abdulghanik.me to ghanigeek.wordpress.com but it refused to add anything other than IPv4. so how can I do that?

DNS records are just a phone book. You would need a Page Rule to redirect:

It’s working now. Thank you!

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Additionally, if you would want abdulghanik.me to load the content from ghanigeek.wordpress.com, making the URL in the browser still read abdulghanik.me, then you would create a CNAME record with the name @ and the value of ghanigeek.wordpress.com

I find it weird that you would just want it to redirect, as abdulghanik.me is more professional than having a subdomain of WordPress.

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OK I’ll try what is the benefits from adding CNAME record again instrad of page rule to redirect domain abdulghani.me to ghanigeek.wordpresa.com?

Ok, this method applys when you need to make personal blog and the web sorting is expensive for you to buy around 160$ for personal blogging…

So I bought domain with a cup of coffee price then redirect to free hosing blog :smiley:

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