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Hi there, I’ve added a domain to my Cloudflare account and need to update DNS through Outlook, DNS doesn’t seem to be updating, I can’t see new records for CNAME when I use a tool https://dnschecker.org

What DNS record are you adding?

Hey sjr,
I add a CNAME record for Outlook ,
|Type :CNAME |Name :autodiscover |Target : autodiscover.outlook.com |TTL:Auto|
I added this record in 24H, but when I checked dnschecker for CNAME I didn’t find any record.

Make sure the DNS record is set to “DNS only” and not “Proxied”.

Otherwise, what is the domain?

I set DNS only not “Proxied”,
My domain is futuretechnologiesllc.net.

Can you show a screenshot of your Cloudflare DNS?

autodiscover is only resolving as an A record (to a Cloudflare IP) due to a wildcard DNS record.

dig +short autodiscover.futuretechnologiesllc.net cname
(no answer)
dig +short autodiscover.futuretechnologiesllc.net
dig +short w1ldcard.futuretechnologiesllc.net
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is there any wrong records?

It is now working…

dig +short autodiscover.futuretechnologiesllc.net

What should add record to active my domin on Microsoft?

You’ll need to work with Microsoft for the correct records. Only they can advise on the contents of the records required to activate with them. We can only assist if the DNS records aren’t resolving as expected.

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