DNS Recordss

Hello, I really need help because my DNS Records are not propagating, I want to connect them to highlevel and it dont work. When I search my domain it says “insecure site”,please tell me why this is happening or how can I fix it.

Can you share your domain? We can’t really debug otherwise.

rakting. com

You aren’t using Cloudflare for your DNS record. It appears to be Google

wow thats strange, do you know how can I fix this? Check this loom plz btw- h ttps://www.loom.com/share/9196a3a0f96d473ab7c7b7735243eabf

Just because you have DNS records in Cloudflare doesn’t mean Cloudflare is your authoritative DNS server. You need to follow the steps here

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thank you so much! I didnt know that, I will try that later,hopefely it works! If I have any more issue can I contact you here?

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