DNS records updated, checked DNS propagation - site still loads from old host on www subdomain

We moved from Hubspot to a different host and updated our root domain’s A record. Then we updated the CNAME record for www to point to the root domain (all proxied through cloudflare). It looks something like this for now,

example.com - A -
www - CNAME - example.com

After a few seconds the root domain (example.com) was loading up from the new host ( but the CNAME record (www) was still loading up from Hubspot. We thought it might take a while, but after waiting for a couple of hours it is still doing the same. Cloudflare’s cache has been purged and we have tried to use a page rule with cache bypass for www.example.com/* but it didn’t work. The only thing that gets the www CNAME to load from the new host is if we use Advanced settings > Pause cloudflare on site. Resuming it results in the same issue.

Any suggestions?

Kindly, what is your domain name?

May I ask if you have folloed the Hubspot tutorial how to connect your custom domain with it and also how to manage it if using Cloudflare for your domain?

Firstly, make sure that any validation records are set to :grey: and not :orange: in Cloudflare. Then reply if anything changed?

@fritexvz Thanks for responding. Actually we weren’t trying to connect the domain to HubSpot, we were trying to move our website from HubSpot to a different host. The DNS records were updated but it was not working. We eventually got in touch with Cloudflare support and they told us to disconnect the domain from HubSpot, even though Cloudflare was managing our DNS. For some reason updating the DNS records on Cloudflare didn’t work and the domain had to be disconnected from HubSpot for the www CNAME to start working with the new host.

This is the first time we have come across such an issue ie even after updating the DNS records the old host (HubSpot) was somehow able to direct traffic to themselves. Usually once the DNS record is updated the old host no longer receives any traffic, but it seems to be different for HubSpot and we do not know how this works technically. Maybe there is some link between Cloudflare and HubSpot which makes disconnecting the domain from HubSpot a must for the updated DNS records to work.