DNS records updated but "site taking too long to load" error

Guys, I am really in a hurry. Kindly help.

So i have a domain in godaddy and using digitalocean for server.

initially, everything was working good. We got ddos -ed twice, so we added Cloudflare.
but after all the steps done. when i try to access my page it just keeps on loading and finally gives up.

The following are the steps i did.

  1. change nameservers in godaddy to Cloudflares. (only 2 are present.)

  2. added dns record in Cloudflare (A record for sitename.in to pointing ip & CNAME to make an alias for www)

  3. Went to overview and saw the status as active.

What am i doing wrong?

sorry fixed it. There was a issue with ngnix server. sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

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