DNS records update

Read the page, watched the videos, read recommended guidelines in community, now back to square one. Trying to point to new host, and what they supplied does not match Cloudflare DNS management page, so not sure where to enter what. Also, can’t seem to edit NS part for new host info.

Terminology can stump me, I don’t do this for a living, so please if you can help keep it simple.

If you provide what instructions your web host gives you, we can help translate to Cloudflare’s DNS management language.

There are no real instructions, all I have to go on is the attached pic.

Edit: I don’t see an MX record for email, other than the line with the IP for mail in CloudFlare


In your Cloudflare Dashboard under DNS, you’ll want to click “Add Record” and add the information as follows:

The “Type” drop-down should match the Type in your DreamHost panel for each record. So for the first record, you’ll want to select “A”. The “Name” field should match the “Record” column in DreamHost, and where there isn’t any text in each record in DreamHost you’ll just want to put “@” or leave it blank. The third field will vary based on the type of record (“IPv4 Address” for A records), but you’ll want to put in whatever corresponds in DreamHost under the “Value” column.

Ignore the three records with “NS” in the “Type” column.

Thanks so much Sulliops, that got me in the right direction. Of course that creates more questions. After adding do I delete the current A records pointing to my site?
I tried to enter record for WWW but says it already exist, and it’s set to auto. Does it find it’s own way? A record for Veritransllc.com already existed but it let me add that.
Trying to get MX record from Dreamhost now, and I see it already exist. Should I be editing these or adding them?

Thanks again Sulliops!

You should definitely clear/delete any existing records before adding the ones suggested by DreamHost, to make sure traffic is routed properly. You’ll want to add the MX records from DreamHost as well, as they likely route your mail.

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